Jan Jagoe


  • O: 541-997-1200
  • M: 541-999-0879
I've made a career out of listening to others and helping them through a variety of situations.

Bonnie Stone


  • O: 541-997-1200
  • M: 310-487-3013
Bonnie brings 30 years of sales and marketing expertise to her Real Estate clientele

Tim Sapp

Owner, Principal Broker

  • O: 541-997-1200
  • M: 541-999-8230
I love my job! I've been loving it for more than 25 years.

Melody Beaudro

Principal Broker

  • O: 541-997-1200
  • M: 541-991-2151
I was born into a home builder/contractor family and have been raised with hammer and nails in hand.