Aileen Sapp

Aileen Sapp


  • Cell: 541-999-5396
  • Office: 541-997-1200
  • Office Location: 1749 Hwy 101, Florence, OR 97439

About Aileen Sapp

Aileen. That’s my name…well, one of them.

I grew up Amanda Aileen McDiarmid, and now I’m a Sapp. (My mother-in-law thinks that’s funny, because she shares the joke.) I married the man who gave me the Sapp name, and I’m so glad he did. How else would a city girl with a degree in Mandarin Chinese find herself living in this paradise of a small town? 

Brandon, our son Jude, and I live in the tiny community of Westlake, having purchased the Westlake Resort. Stunningly beautiful location, shockingly enormous task. (Think Money Pit.) So, I began considering a second income source. Chinese is not going to cut it in Florence. But with a little nudge from my husband’s folks, I am very happily ensconced in TR Hunter Real Estate! Love it here.

Florence (and Westlake) suits us so well. No more driving for hours to find a parking spot. No more traffic jams. And we have enjoyed the moderate weather, the closeness of everything, the friendliness of people who live here. We have formed so many great relationships, and appreciate the diversity of interests that make up this fascinating place.

What better place to live and work and be? And how great is it that I get to help people move here?