Wendy Krause

Wendy Krause


  • Cell: 541-999-7765
  • Office: 541-997-1200
  • Office Location: 1749 Hwy 101, Florence, OR 97439

About Wendy Krause

Florence is special. 

Ocean, river, lakes, streams, dunes, mountains. Shops, restaurants. The people. Special. 

I was born here. I’m a third-generation business woman. I owned a salon for 11 years before transitioning into Real Estate. So now I’m a second-generation real estate broker, following my dad’s footsteps into his field. And I’m loving it. 

I used to meet people regularly who had moved to Florence and were in search of a new stylist. I would ask them, “Why Florence?” And they all would have similar responses. Many of them had driven up and down the coast and said this was their favorite town on the Oregon coast. Others had grown up vacationing here and had always been drawn back. And many came for the fishing, or the pull to live near the ocean. But they all saw the same thing. That Florence was special. 

I love the small-town feel. I love that I can raise my girls in a place where they’re more than just a number. I love going to the bank and they know me by name. I love our sense of community. The generosity of our people, and the amazing number of people who serve and volunteer to make our community strong and lovely. I’m thankful for the arts. And I’m thankful to share my love of this area with those who see it too.